The system

WallStack is a multipurpose partition wall system of a new generation. It is easy-to-construct, just like LEGO, and compact enough to fit in a trunk. The patent-pending technology behind it is extremely simple and effective. The system works on a modular basis, allowing walls to be folded and stacked without any tools or equipment. The surface of the modules is smooth and without visible structural parts, which gives the freedom to play with different colors and styles. Various accessories can also be added depending on the specific need and application.



The modules are fully collapsible and extremely effective in terms of transportation.


The modules interlock, providing flat surfaces without visible structural elements.

No tools

No tools are required for assembling, which makes it as fun as building LEGO.


Depending on the specific case, different sizes, accessories, and finish options are available.


WallStack can be easily rearranged and transported, thus providing long life for its owners.

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Expo Stands

Unlike traditional exhibition stands that take time and require resources to be assembled, WallStack is compact for transportation, quick and easy for assembling. High customization can be achieved through different colors, styles, and branding. Overall, it is a more sustainable solution than existing ones because it can be expanded, shrunken and used multiple times.

Retail & Pop-ups

Shop interiors and shop windows are another great fit for our modular system. Through our pegboard modification we can integrate shelves, hangers and other accessories for product display and communication. The walls can be easily rearranged and expanded, thus providing various options for shop landscapes.

Office spaces

WallStack offers great flexibility for layout arrangements in offices and co-working spaces. When teams are growing or the organization is experiencing structural changes, office landscape can be adapted easily. Acoustic panels, lightning, plants can be integrated into the system, offering much more than a simple separation wall.

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