Isobar Commerce

Isobar Commerce works with major companies from all over the globe and focuses on delivering exceptional brand experiences in the area of e-commerce and marketing. As they say, they’re “pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity” and one can confirm that by visiting their office space. Isobar definitely strives to create an environment that nurtures such behaviour in their office.
As part of their office is the Isobar’s R&D NowLab – a place about “tinkering, hacking, making, breaking” where everybody is invited to try out ideas. Together with IRchitect and Amber Mattress, we contributed to their NowLab in Sofia by adding this multipurpose space that can be used for both – relaxation and creative brainstorming sessions. You can lay down on the mattress and have a power nap or you can get together with colleagues and brainstorm ideas, writing them down on the whiteboard side of the WallStack.